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IDC Making the Move to a Smarter Workplace

IDC Analyst Connection: Making the Move to a Smarter Workplace with an Efficient Print Environment

The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted organizations to reconsider their business operations during times of crisis, particularly with the rise of remote work. As employees gradually return to the office while maintaining remote and home locations, there is an opportune moment to implement a formalized approach to a smarter workplace.

Mobile and cloud-based tools will play a central role in this strategy as they serve as conduits for accessing, using, and managing business content. Additionally, despite the digital shift, the importance of print in the workplace remains evident. IDC's data reveals that a significant volume of pages continues to be printed, and a recent survey highlights the importance of printed materials to job responsibilities for a majority of office workers.

Therefore, as organizations strive for a smarter work environment, modernizing the print infrastructure becomes a crucial aspect of their transformational journey. By engaging with technology providers, organizations can explore available options and discuss how to achieve greater efficiencies and benefits. The evaluation should encompass hardware optimization, aftermarket efficiencies, and the transition from paper-based workflows to digital processes.

Managed print services (MPS) providers can assist in developing a long-term vision, encouraging new work behaviors, and continuously reinforcing them to drive ongoing benefits. It is vital to quantify the benefits as much as possible to effectively measure the impact and evaluate the plan's effectiveness.

Ultimately, organizations should adopt a collaborative approach involving internal stakeholders and external providers to create a comprehensive plan with clearly defined goals, objectives, and a step-by-step implementation strategy. This approach ensures company-wide acceptance and maximizes the benefits derived from a smarter workplace, optimizing business operations in the process.


Read our white paper and take a proactive step toward a smarter workplace.