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Display Solutions Elevate the Theater Experience

Display Solutions Elevate the Theater Experience

To meet the expectations of today’s moviegoers, exhibitors are adopting a wide range of digital display solutions to create unforgettable experiences for their customers. From the first touchpoint outside the theater, through the lobby, concession and entertainment areas, and into the auditorium itself, digital display solutions are elevating the entire theater experience.

Direct view LED displays installed outside a theater are an effective way to grab the attention of passers-by. These cutting-edge displays provide bright, high-contrast and crystal clear images. With many pixel spacing options available, the optimum display resolution can be achieved regardless of viewing distance. They’re perfect for presenting movie trailers and other video content to attract new customers and build excitement for moviegoers entering the theater.

In lobbies, large format displays can provide customers realtime information about movie times and show trailers and other video content to promote current and upcoming movies. They’re a cost-effective alternative to print posters, and by entertaining customers they help reduce perceived wait times. With the addition of touch-enabled overlays, digital screens can engage customers with interactive movie posters and other types of
entertainment content.

Some exhibitors are also using projectors in their lobbies to display videos and other content onto empty walls, screens or even floors. This content can create an exciting or soothing mood in waiting areas.

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