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Digital Displays for eSports

Digital Displays for eSports

Video games have come a long way since we played Super Mario Bros. with friends in our living rooms.

At the competitive level, professional esports events now attract thousands of fans to arenas and are streamed to massive audiences worldwide. The esports market is forecast to surpass $1.6 billion in 2024. ESL Pro Tour’s StarCraft II, League of Legends world championships, FIFA eWorld Cup, and Dota 2’s The International championship are among the high-profile circuits and events offering millions in prize money.

Beyond the big-dollar professional extravaganzas, smaller-scale leagues and competitions have also become popular spectator events, with professional and amateur teams — as well as college and high school squads — battling it out. Some colleges are now offering scholarships to esports athletes, and both colleges and high schools are installing purpose-built esports facilities to boost their esports programs.

Because all of the action in esports takes place on virtual playing fields, high-quality digital displays are indispensable to the experience. Players favor clear, crisp monitors with fast response times and extremely low input lags to keep pace with the fast action of the games. To ensure spectators won’t miss any of the play, venues hosting esports events use a wide range of largescreen digital displays, including dvLED video walls, LCD displays, and projectors.

Let’s take a closer look at how these three types of displays can enhance the spectator experience at an esports event or installation.

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