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MICAS White Paper

MICAS White Paper

MICAS is a cloud-based service application that collects and reports information on MFP device status, usage counts, supply levels, errors, and alerts. It aims to assist servicing dealers in increasing call efficiency, reducing unnecessary service visits, providing proactive support, and enhancing the customer experience.

MICAS offers two primary methods of data collection: Remote Email Diagnostics (R.E.D.) and the MICAS Agent. R.E.D. involves configuring Sharp MFPs to send diagnostic data periodically via email, while the MICAS Agent collects real-time data using SNMP and transmits updates to the MICAS server via HTTP web services.

The MICAS Agent provides device information, troubleshooting tools, and an end-user dashboard. It utilizes SNMP to detect devices on the network and collect ongoing device information. The agent supports SNMP versions 1 and 3 and retrieves various data such as OIDs, counters, toner levels, and supply levels from registered devices. The agent sends data to MICAS only if there have been changes since the last query.

MICAS offers features like the MICAS viewer, which provides solutions to common MFP issues, and the MICAS Dashboard, which allows users to view summary and detailed data at the dealer fleet or customer level. MICAS Reports provide summaries of copy counts, toner levels, trouble codes, and preventative maintenance.

Sharp ensures continuous operation by utilizing data centers for MICAS web and database servers, and they employ a cluster configuration for high availability. Database replication and daily backups are performed to minimize the potential loss of data.

Security measures include options for securing access to the MICAS Agent user interface, such as Windows Authentication, local access control, or role-based authorization. Request signing is used for web service calls.

Read the full white paper to learn more about how MICAS revolutionizes MFP device management and improves service efficiency.