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The Evolving Cybersecurity Threat for SMBs

The Evolving Cybersecurity Threat for SMBs and How MSPs Can Mitigate the Risk

Organizations of all sizes are transforming to better serve their customers in a digital economy. For most, this involves distributing applications to public clouds to increase agility and leveraging to provide a differentiated experience. Indeed, public cloud services have leveled the playing field for the midmarket by providing access to enterprise-grade solutions on a pay-as-you-go basis, enabling these organizations to compete against larger companies.

Unfortunately, this has also created more complex IT environments and can place these organizations at risk for cyberattacks. And the risk is real—organizations that suffer cyberattacks are at risk of going out of business. Universally, organizations of all sizes recognize the need to invest in better solutions to protect their organizations from attacks. This is even more critical for small midmarket organizations that lack the resources of larger enterprise organizations.

ESG conducted research to assess the challenges faced by small midmarket organizations, their cybersecurity resources, incident rates, and spending priorities for cybersecurity and managed services. The study involved a survey of 250 IT and information security decision-makers from organizations employing 20 to 500 people in North America (US and Canada). Various industries were represented, including technology, manufacturing, education, and business services.

The cybersecurity landscape is driving increased complexity, and small midmarket firms are not resourced to adequately defend the company, as evidenced by the fact that almost half of the respondents reported multiple security incidents over the last year. These events place the business at risk and will require organizations to invest in additional security services. Fortunately, according to respondents, MSPs can help organizations improve their security posture, as well as other areas, and are able to handle increasingly difficult tasks with greater efficiency.

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