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Are the AC adapter and power cord connected correctly? (See Operation Manual page 10)

Make sure the volume is not set to minimum.(See Operation Manual page 18)

Is the sound muted?(See Operation Manual page 18)

When headphones are connected, no sound will come from the speakers. (See Operation Manual page 10)

No sound will come from the speakers when the monitor is in standby mode (when the power LED is orange). (See Operation Manual page 13)

Is the cable certified for HDMI or DisplayPort? The monitor will not work unless a standards-compliant cable is used.

Is the input signal compatible with this monitor?(See Operation Manual page 25)

Is the monitor connected correctly to the PC? Is the PC turned on?

Is the PC in power-saving mode? Try pressing a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse.

Turn off the LCD monitor power, wait 5 seconds or longer, and then turn the power on again.

If a powerful amount of strain is exerted on the touch display, a portion of the display may remain on the screen.

In this situation, turn off the monitor power, wait 5 seconds or longer, and then turn the power on again.

Is the USB cable connected properly? (See Operation Manual page 10)

The touch panel may not work properly if there is a large contact area (e.g. if the screen is touched with the palm of the hand).

Is the monitor in pen-only mode? Touch action is disabled in pen-only mode. (See Operation Manual page 14, page 18)

Is the monitor in finger-only mode? You cannot touch the screen with the touch pen when in finger-only mode. (See page Operation Manual 14, page 18)

Are monitor operations locked? (See Operation Manual page 20)

When there is no signal input to the LCD monitor, actions on the touch panel are not possible. Please operate the PC using your keyboard and mouse.

When starting your computer or connecting the USB cable, do not touch the touch panel.

When starting the LCD monitor, do not touch the screen. If the screen is touched, the monitor may not function correctly. In this situation, turn off the LCD monitor power, wait 5 seconds or longer, and then turn the power on again.

While the menu screen is displayed, touch actions are not possible other than those for the menu screen. First exit the menu screen and then perform the operation.

There may be no response if the included touch pen and your hand on the screen are too close. In this situation, perform the operation with the pen and your hand separated farther apart.


Solution not listed? Check the Operation Manual for your product or review the list of general professional display solutions .

If you still need assistance with your Sharp Professional Display please contact 1-800-BE-SHARP.