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Resources to Make You Simply Smarter About Business

Whether you want to learn more about Sharp, our products and services or would just like to know more about the office workplace, our resources section has everything you need to enhance your education and become simply smarter about the modern workspace.

Case Studies

Considering buying or leasing a Sharp copier, display or laptop? See what these real customers have to say about Sharp products, our branches and our independent dealer network.

Flyers, Guides, Brochures

These informative flyers, guides and brochures provide easy-to-understand information about our various Sharp offerings.


Do you think in pictures? These infographics include a variety of elements, such as images, icons, text, charts and diagrams to easily convey information at a glance.

White Papers

Are details your thing? Our informative technical white papers cover everything from how to create an efficient print environment to supporting active learning with interactive displays.


Want to learn something new today? These bite-sized videos from Sharp take just minutes to play and cover everything from product demos to customer video testimonials.

Simply Smarter Blog

Whether you want to learn about the latest trends in cybersecurity or simply need to know the difference between leasing and buying a copier, Sharp's weekly blog covers the latest trends in the workplace.