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Kayleigh Job Accounting Software


As organizations grow, managing the cost of print, scan, copy and fax activities may be an opportunity to streamline budget allocation and cost recovery. Kayleigh job accounting solution for the small- to medium-sized business environment to help with print cost management. Organizations can track usage of their Sharp MFPs, including select non-Sharp printers, with the secured print release option to track and gather usage information across all the devices in the office.

  • Manage MFP activities with features access control for users and departments to enhance a secured print environment.

  • Monitor and centralize access control of MFPs by users or by department.

  • Cost recovery by billing clients back using client matter*.

  • Secure print/copy/scan activities and allows user flexibility by enabling print release from any network connected MFPs*.

  • Rules based printing allows organizations to implement print rules and enforce mono, duplex, page count and reroute jobs.

  • Customer reports with enhanced reporting options now offers flexibility to select the data fields to include in a report.

  • Finishing options for pull printing allows users to have the option to modify optional settings such as duplex, mono and stapling..

MX-SW310: Job Accounting

Tracks print, copy, scan and fax activities on Sharp MFPs. Organizations can also track printing on Lexmark printers with secured pull print option. This allows organizations with mixed fleet of Sharp MFPs and Lexmark printers can gather usage information by Kayleigh.

MX-SW311: Pull Printing Option

Allows the job to be stored in a secure print queue rather than print immediately. The job can be printed on demand at any Sharp MFP and Lexmark printers on the network that have Kayleigh enabled. This helps to minimize waste so you can print what you need, when you need it.

MX-SW312: Client Billing Option

Designed to support smaller agencies and firms track activities and costs specific to a client or a project. Optimize printing resources for the organization by employees and client/project.


*Sharp MFP supporting OSA 3.5 and above with MX-AMX3/AMX3L key.

*Requires Kayleigh options MX-SW311 and/or MX-SW312.