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The Sharp Strategic Technology Alliance Resource (STAR) is a directory of third-party products and services that complement Sharp’s award-winning professional display products. See below for a list of companies categorized by the type of solution they offer. All information is provided by participating companies.



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mCart PaaS makes the world shop-able, allowing shoppers to directly buy from context. Running over 200 APIs, innovative user-interfaces & back/front-office dashboards, it allows customers to establish branded Omnichannel e-commerce, marketplaces & shop-able content publishing platforms to monetize any type of asset such as content, channels, users, etc, leveraging blockchain & AI.

Key Products

  • Omni-channel marketplace
  • Marketplace Solutions
  • Shop-able Content Publishing
  • AI & Blockchain based Affiliate Sales
  • Data-driven CRM
  • Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Influencer Shopping Solutions

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