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PN-C805B | PN-C705B

Is the PICTURE menu setting correct? You can execute a RESET to return to the default factory settings.

Hardware has a problem. Turn off the monitor and request a repair from your authorized SHARP dealer.

High temperature inside the monitor. Remove the cause of the excessive temperature rise.

To prevent high temperature-related problems, "TEMPERATURE" is displayed on the screen when the internal temperature of the screen rises excessively.

If the internal temperature rises further, the monitor automatically enters Standby mode. (The POWER LED flashes Green).

Remove the cause of the excessive temperature rise.

  • If the monitor enters Standby mode due to a rise in temperature, to return to Normal display, turn the power switch Off and then On again. However, the monitor will enter Standby mode again if the cause of the temperature rise is not removed.
  • Check whether the monitor is placed in a location where a quick rise in temperature is likely. Internal temperature rises if the monitor vents are blocked.
  • Internal temperature rises quickly if dust accumulates inside of the monitor or around the vents. Remove the dust if possible or ask your authorized SHARP dealer about removing the dust.


Solution not listed? Check the Operation Manual for your product or review the list of general Sharp AQUOS BOARD solutions .

If you still need assistance with your Sharp AQUOS BOARD collaboration display please contact 1-800-BE-SHARP.