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PN-L401C | PN-L603B | PN-L603B

Is the input signal compatible with this monitor?

Is the Display Port cable Standard compliant? The monitor will not work properly if cables are not Standard compliant.

When CONNECT AUTO INPUT SELECT is On, the input mode automatically changes to that terminal when a video signal is input to that terminal.

For this reason the signal may change when the computer wakes up from system standby.

When the NO SIGNAL AUTO INPUT SEL. Is On and no signal is present in a selected input mode, the monitor automatically changes the selected modeto a mode where a video signal is present.

The input mode may also change in the following cases:

  • When a computer goes in to Standby mode.
  • When video play is stoppped by the playback device.

When the internal temperature of the monitor rises excessively the brightness of the backlightautomatically decreases in order to prevent a further rise in temperature.

If you attempt to use the Brightness controls on your Remote Control unit while the monitor is in this state, "AUTO DIMMING" will then be displayed and you can not reset the brightness.

Remove the cause of the excessive temperature rise.


Solution not listed? Check the Operation Manual for your product or review the list of general Sharp AQUOS BOARD solutions .

If you still need assistance with your Sharp AQUOS BOARD collaboration display please contact 1-800-BE-SHARP.