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Miami Beach Police Department Puts the Heat On Criminals Thanks to Sharp Technology

Miami Beach Police Department Puts the Heat On Criminals Thanks to Sharp Technology

Business Environment Challenges
With the continued growth in the popularity of Miami Beach as a destination of choice for out-of-town and local visitors alike, the 400-officer MBPD has a significant task: to balance the needs of the residential population with the huge increase in the amount of visitors to the City of Miami Beach.

In a public safety environment where speed and efficiency is vital, the MBPD realized that its printing equipment needed an overhaul. Getting in contact with the customer service department of previous document systems vendors was often a challenge. Machines would be down for weeks before parts arrived. In addition, printing a document away from the desk was a major inconvenience.

“If you had a meeting at city hall, the fire department or even somewhere within the police station, and all of the sudden you needed to print something, you had to have someone back at your area email the document to somebody in your current location,” said Officer Vince Tuzeo, Technology Coordinator for the MBPD. Communications was another issue the MBPD faced. Its training room used a projector, which required dim lighting for people to see the screen.

“Some meeting participants had difficulty seeing the presentation depending on where they sat, not to mention difficulty taking notes in the dark,” explained William Collado, Police Officer in the Firearms Training Unit. “The projector was run by a laptop on a cart in the middle of the room with cords dangerously scattered around the floor.”

In addition, the MBPD’s command vehicle needed enhanced equipment such as computers and printers so its occupants wouldn’t have to keep returning to the police station to perform simple tasks. In case of theft, a hostage situation or other serious crimes and incidents, the department needed a more streamlined approach to communication.

“The current Sharp systems that are in place are absolutely phenomenal. It allows us to do whatever we need to as far as printing, copying and scanning. Now that our machines are networked, even if one ever went down, there are other machines that the file can be sent to and printed.”

Vince Tuzeo, Technology Coordinator for the MBPD

Miami Beach Police Department


  • Obtain a vendor that offers better customer service
  • Needed the ability to print and scan to and from anywhere in the network
  • Needed to replace a projector system that required dim lighting
  • Needed to upgrade its printing and communications in its command vehicle and around the station


  • Reduce machine downtime through a Sharp service contract
  • Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs includes a connection to Drivve | Image for easier file sharing.
  • Added professional digital signage and professional interactive displays for better visuals


  • Increased communications in the command vehicle to enhance crime fighting
  • Reduced time wasted through better file sharing practices and better customer service
  • Relieved eye strain through professional interactive displays and professional signage displays in the training room