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Physical Therapy Organization Resolves Network and IT Performance Challenges

Physical Therapy Organization Resolves Network and IT Performance Challenges

Business Environment Challenges
Located in the North Georgia mountains approximately 90 minutes outside Atlanta, North Georgia Physical Therapy Associates (North Georgia) relied on a single IT consultant for network and infrastructure management until 2015.  

The practice then tried outsourcing IT support to various local contacts, but was unable to resolve persistent issues or establish the reliable assistance needed to keep its three offices up and running.  

Among the challenges were: problematic remote connectivity, slow network speeds and issues with line-of-business application performance. North Georgia also needed to update its IT infrastructure to improve HIPAA compliance for healthcare practices.

“The quality knowledge provided through our partnership with Sharp has become an invaluable asset to our business. We would never have imagined that we could obtain such fast, reliable and secure network and IT performance and have improved our entire way of doing business as a result.”

Lauren Cole, practice manager for North Georgia Physical Therapy Associates


North Georgia Physical Therapy Associates


  • Unreliable network performance 
  • Ongoing problems with systems and applications
  • Productivity loss due to poor system performance
  • Inconsistent IT support
  • Dated and limited backup solutions
  • Unsecured data and network
  • Poor compliance with HIPAA regulations


  • Implemented network monitoring and management 
  • Established around the clock help desk support
  • Created back up and disaster recovery services
  • Updated various hardware 


  • Resolved ongoing network and IT issues
  • Established faster overall network speeds
  • Recuperated lost employee hours
  • Secured business data against loss or theft
  • Improved business-wide productivity
  • Enhanced customer/patient relations
  • Established 24/7 network monitoring and management
  • Enabled compliance with HIPAA regulations