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Case Studies
Dental Service Organization Keeps Employees Engaged with NEC Displays

Dental Service Organization Keeps Employees Engaged with NEC Displays

With upwards of 85 offices located throughout the southeast, a leading dental service organization needed a solution to better engage staff at all their different offices at once. Each office had meetings but did not have a way to easily collaborate with other offices and rarely used the essential employee intranet.  By installing Sharp's NEC displays, with the soundbar and cameras, all offices are now able to have daily morning meetings with each office to talk about the cases coming in for that day. 

Business Environment Challenges

A leading dental service organization which provides dental care to over 1 million patients through its broad practice network, offers general, specialty, and cosmetic dental care, including restorative, prosthodontic, endodontic, oral surgery, periodontics, pediatric, and orthodontic treatment.

The dental organization has upwards of 85 offices located throughout the southeast. The corporation wanted to better engage with all their staff at once. Each office would have meetings, but they did not have a way to easily collaborate with other dentists or hygienists in the other offices. They had an employee intranet where they would store important forms or other items necessary for employees to complete their jobs but staff rarely used the platform, thus not seeing essential information.

Technology Solutions

They reached out to Sharp Business Systems in Miami to investigate a solution that could help engage their employees in all of their offices. Each location had an underutilized break room and they decided to turn it into a huddle space. Sharp provided a 55" Class (54.6" diagonal) NEC 4K UHD LED Display in each space and paired them each with a Yamaha soundbar, Microsoft Teams and a Huddly smart camera. The dental organization decided to do a beta test of the system in a few different offices and when they were satisfied, they deployed them in every office.

Proven Results

By installing the NEC displays, with the soundbar and cameras, all offices are now able to have daily morning meetings with each office to talk about the cases coming in for that day. Hygiene teams can collaborate on different patient cases so they can always receive a second opinion immediately. The teams also have scheduled regional meetings.

The dental organization feels the NEC displays greatly enhanced the instant communication of key messaging. For example, when a potential hurricane was approaching, all locations knew exactly what they needed to do and messages on the displays were updated immediately. The displays are also used to feature employee recognition. New hires, anniversaries, major practice accomplishments and outstanding performers are celebrated on a regular basis.

The employees using the system were a bit skeptical at first. Getting them comfortable with it was the biggest challenge. What they did to overcome this was to leverage their Marketing Operations department for each region, who would have conduct training sessions while using the boards in their meetings to help with adoption. Now, key training programs and meetings can be held in a fraction of the time it used to take. Team members are able to gather in the break rooms and training can be broadcasted to entire groups instantly. Collaboration has increased efficiencies and allows the team to utilize the technology to provide better care for their patients.


Case Study, Healthcare


  • Healthcare


  • A leading dental service organization

  • Technology Integrator

  • Sharp Business Systems


  • Wanted more engagement with their employees and different practices
  • Needed a better way to communicate with staff
  • Needed better technology to collaborate


  • 85+ 55" Class (54.6" diagonal) NEC 4K UHD LED Displays
  • Yamaha Soundbars
  • Microsoft Teams Subscriptions
  • Huddly smart cameras


  • Underutilized spaces turned into huddle rooms
  • Employees in all 85+ offices engaged and collaborating
  • Teams able to access information on the fly