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Dynabook Laptops Meet the Complexity of Hybrid Teaching at Brooks Academies

Dynabook Laptops Meet the Complexity of Hybrid Teaching at Brooks Academies

Business Environment Challenges

Due to the pandemic, teachers and paraprofessionals at Brooks Academies of Texas had to swiftly adopt virtual teaching techniques, but their laptops could not keep up with the demands of remote learning and hybrid instruction. Amid a pandemic, a laptop might seem trivial; but for teachers, it was the primary tool to communicate with students. And when it failed, teachers were frustrated and disheartened. Even though they were equipped with popular brand-name laptops for schools, about 25 percent of the teachers opted to use a personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone in order to multitask. Laptops would freeze up when hosting a Zoom meeting with multiple Google Chrome tabs open at once, and teachers could not screen share, assign breakout rooms or record class sessions. However, the biggest complaint was the inability to see students on the small laptop screens, and as a result class participation dropped because students did not feel acknowledged. 

“The Dynabook laptops have been very well received and outperformed our previous laptops in every way, no comparison. Purchasing laptops, as small as it sounds, was a morale booster. We wanted our teachers to know we had their back during this challenging year.”

Austin Morgenroth, IT Director, Brooks Academies


Brooks Academies of Texas


  • Laptops not equipped for remote and hybrid instruction
  • Laptops froze while hosting Zoom sessions with Google Chrome tabs open
  • Screen sharing, breakout rooms and recording not possible
  • Small screen size made it difficult to see students during class
  • Teachers opted to use personal devices in order to multitask


  • 150 high-performance Dynabook laptops (Tecra A40-G model)
  • Custom-built Dynabooks to meet teachers’ needs
  • Included a four-year Dynabook +Care Service warranty


  • Dynabook laptops outperformed the school’s previous laptops
  • Boosted morale by providing the proper device for remote/hybrid instruction
  • Personalized, consultative and trusted support from the Sharp team