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Case Studies
Windows Collaboration Display Helps Improve Distance Learning at EmergyCare

Windows Collaboration Display Helps Improve Distance Learning at EmergyCare

Business Environment Challenges

EmergyCare, one of the largest nonprofit EMS providers in Northwestern Pennsylvania, provides emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedic training courses throughout the Northwestern Region of Pennsylvania. Their headquarters is located in Erie, PA and their service area spans over 7 counties and 2,100 square miles with approximately 300 providers.

Because state regulations mandate that students taking these courses must attend live training, students in areas far away from the headquarters training location typically  needed to travel several hours to get to a location for the training course. EmergyCare has two satellite locations in Warren and Meadville, PA and they were very interested in
putting together a distance learning platform.

“I absolutely love the touchscreen aspect of the device. Going from a dry erase board in a classroom and a desktop computer connected to a projector, with no interoperability or interactivity to a Windows collaboration display where everything will get done in one shot is incredible for us."

Jim Kifer, Education and Training Manager, EmergyCare




  • Limited number of students in rural areas for EMS training
  • Not enough attendees for a class meant that classes would often be cancelled
  • Students would need to travel several hours to get to a training session 
  • Outdated technology without the ability to collaborate effectively


  • Three Windows collaboration displays from Sharp allocated to Headquarters, in Erie and two satellite locations (Warren, PA & Meadville, PA) 
  • Simultaneous learning 
  • Ability to collaborate with updated technology 
  • Easy-to-use interface