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High School Keeps Student Body Connected Through the Use of Sharp Displays

High School Keeps Student Body Connected Through the Use of Sharp Displays

When a regional high school in Massachusetts needed to quickly and easily relay pertinent information across campus, Sharp LED displays with digital signage software were the right solution to improve communication to the school’s more than 1,200 students.


Business Environment Challenges

After nearly 18 years of planning, setbacks and construction, a Massachusetts-based regional high school finally opened its doors for the academic year. Designed to meet the needs of a 21st-century workspace, it features “The Learning Commons,” a student-run technology support desk with charging stations for mobile devices, located within an open space near the school’s south and main entrances

Most of the high school reflects an open, collegiate campus style. Although the layout is modern, it created communications challenges. Since students were always on the move from class to class, there was no reliable way for faculty and staff to easily share pertinent information. With a population of more than 1,200 students, the school turned to technology to help keep pupils tethered, allowing them to stay in touch with events and news going on around campus, without losing their mobility.

Understanding the critical role of technology in this new campus and the significant investment made in its construction, the school’s superintendent felt the need to secure the right technology solutions for the school’s communication needs.


Business Technology Solutions

To support communications, The Ockers Company, a Brockton, MA-based technology solutions dealer, was hired to install 22 Sharp 55” Class (54.7” diagonal) Professional-Grade LED displays around the campus. The Ockers Company recommended Sharp technology for the job after another client in the education field found the Sharp products to be more intuitive than other manufacturers’ display solutions.

The Professional-Grade LED displays at the high school run Sharp Digital Signage Software to deliver program creation, registration, scheduling and distribution of pre-scheduled information to the monitors, operating easily with a user-friendly interface. Designed for maximum visual impact, the display is built for 24/7 durability and sized for flexible installation, making it an ideal choice for indoor digital signage needs, including education settings.


Proven Results

Using the high school’s four-floor layout, the thin, lightweight displays beautifully line the schools’ hallways. The school has the capability to display pertinent information for students and faculty.

In addition, a media wall serves as a focal point within the cafeteria. Comprising nine Sharp Professional-grade LED displays, it brilliantly shows the school’s latest menu offerings, even from a distance


Case Study, Education


A Massachusetts-based regional high school

Sharp Dealer

The Ockers Company


  • To relay pertinent information to more than 1,200 students across a large high school campus
  • Keep the school on the cutting edge of technology Solutions
  • 22 Sharp 55" Class (54.7" diagonal) Professional-Grade LED displays
  • Sharp Digital Signage Software to broadcast messages Results
  • Kept the school connected and involved with campus news and activities through LED displays in hallways
  • Showcased the school’s menu in the cafeteria through a nine-panel video wall