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Sharp Provides Cost-Saving Solution to a Swing Set Manufacturer

Sharp Provides Cost-Saving Solution to a Swing Set Manufacturer

Business Environment Challenges

Due to the pandemic, sales exploded for a swing set manufacturer located in Georgia, as parents scrambled to find something fun to occupy their children while the world had shut down. With playgrounds closed and vacations cancelled, the company was busier than ever, fulfilling numerous orders daily. And with each swing set came a manual detailing how to put the playset together, as well as warranty information.

Prior to the pandemic, the manufacturer had outsourced the printing of its manuals and had them stacked in cubicles in their warehouse. Unfortunately, as models were discontinued, they had to discard hundreds of preprinted manuals, wasting thousands of dollars a month. They knew they had to find a better solution.

With printing speeds of up to 105 pages per minute, they were able to print all of their manuals efficiently and on-demand, eliminating any waste, benefitting the environment and saving the company money.



  • Outsourcing the printing of manuals was very costly
  • Preprinting the manuals led to space constraints and extra expense when models were discontinued


  • Sharp Pro Series MX-M1055 production black and white multifunction printer


  • Cost savings from printing in-house
  • Reduced waste by 25% by printing on demand

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