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Wilkerson, Jones & Wilkerson Counters Downtime with Sharp Copiers and Printers

Wilkerson, Jones & Wilkerson Counters Downtime with Sharp Copiers and Printers

Wilkerson, Jones & Wilkerson (WJW), a personal injury law practice in Rock Hill, SC, faced challenges related to its print devices. With a substantial caseload, the firm required reliable office technology to manage its extensive printing needs.


Business Environment Challenges

As a dedicated team focused on representing clients in matters from medical malpractice to veterans’ disability, WJW’s workflow heavily relies on printing and scanning for essential documents including deposition materials, contracts, and evidence. The firm is on a growth trajectory, and its expansion to new buildings on its campus necessitated additional print devices. However, the existing devices frequently suffered from disruptive downtime, causing profit leakage and hindering the timely preparation of case files. 

Jennifer Rabi, a case manager at WJW, expressed her concerns, “The clerk of courts was not accepting our legal documents because they were not clearly scanned. After calling for service, we didn’t get our printer back for five months! Downtime in our law firm is not something we stand for.”

With paper so vital to workflow, the firm was determined to find a reliable solution to minimize downtime and accurately assess printing costs to optimize their print environment. Knowing its true cost of printing and removing any needless print-related costs, such as an excess of toner, would help the firm run lean. The team at WJW decided that it was time for updated print technology and a reliable service partner.

Technology Solutions

To overcome these challenges, WJW turned to Sharp. Sharp’s expert team conducted a comprehensive technology assessment, devising a tailored plan to optimize paper-related workflows. Key enhancements included providing bookkeepers and case managers with two high-performance multifunction printers, boasting lightning-fast page-per-minute speeds to match the team’s productivity needs. Lawyers, paralegals and assistants received 12 monochrome desktop printers. This deployment empowers them to scan and print necessary documents effortlessly before heading to the courtroom.

Proven Results

The Sharp team provided a timely installation, and the devices are the perfect complement to WJW’s hardworking culture. “The printers are faster than anything we’ve ever had before,” said Jennifer, “They’re quieter, and they’re a whole lot more reliable.” 

The implementation of efficient routing workflows for scans significantly streamlined the document handling process, enhancing overall productivity. Attorney Justin Jones shared his satisfaction with the devices, noting, “I use the scan function often, and it’s so easy. It routes right to our network.” Furthermore, he raved about the exceptional output quality, stating, “These scans always look clear and professional, a stark contrast to our previous copiers that produced marks and artifacts on copies.”

While the exemplary service provided by Sharp was appreciated, WJW rested their case by explaining the importance of a dependable product in the elimination of downtime. “We like to be able to rely on our points of contact, but really the best situation is not needing any of them, and that’s where we’re at. We haven’t had any downtime since having Sharp devices,” said Jennifer. “We’d average about four service calls a year with our previous devices, now we are at zero service calls.”

With Sharp copiers and printers, Wilkerson, Jones & Wilkerson achieved streamlined workflows, increased efficiency and developed a seamless print environment, allowing the team to focus on what they do best—serving their clients’ best interests every step of the way.

“We haven’t had any downtime,” said Jennifer. “We’d average about four service calls per year with our previous devices, now we are at zero.”

Jennifer Rabi, Case Manager


Case Study, Legal


Wilkerson, Jones & Wilkerson


  • Equipment downtime issues
  • Lack of visibility into its MFP fleet
  • Poor communication from the previous provider’s support team
  • Original solution was significantly under-engineered to the organization’s growing needs


  • Managed Print Services for print fleet optimization
  • (2) Multifunction printers - monochrome, 50 ppm
  • (12) Desktop printers - monochrome, 42 ppm


  • Significant decrease in downtime from an average of four service calls per year to zero
  • Reduction in profit leakage
  • Improved visibility into print environment
  • Preservation of WJW’s brand image with courts due to reliable and clear print output