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Sharp Puts Ability in Sustainability at the YANMAR® EVO//CENTER

Sharp Puts Ability in Sustainability at the YANMAR® EVO//CENTER

Business Environment Challenges
Since its 1912 inception in Japan, farm and construction equipment manufacturer Yanmar has always been ahead of its time. Although fuel conservation is generally a modern-day concept, the company had always been focused on sustainability when designing its machinery for various industries. In fact, it adopted the slogan, “To conserve fuel is to serve the nation” in its earliest years.

To continue its environmentally conscious tradition, the company opened a 50,000-square-foot “YANMAR EVO//CENTER” in the fall of 2017. The Acworth, Georgia-based facility showcases engines, farm and construction equipment, energy systems, generators and other products the company produces in a multi-purpose showroom. It also supports Yanmar’s global mission of creating a sustainable future by offering the local community a calendar of cultural events focused on empowering sustainability.

Before the YANMAR EVO//CENTER could open to the public, environmentally friendly digital display technology with smart TV capabilities needed to be installed. Because the YANMAR EVO//CENTER was designed to serve an educational purpose as well, digital signage that allows for app downloading would avoid having to move a computer into each room when needed.

In addition, the YANMAR EVO//CENTER was designed with numerous windows that bring in sunlight. Therefore, the digital displays also had to be bright enough to outshine ambient light coming from outside the building.

The Sharp displays proved bright enough to handle the ambient light throughout the YANMAR EVO//CENTER. This feature especially helps the “Remote Monitoring Center,” a room with an entire wall made of windows. 





  • Installing digital displays with app downloading capabilities 
  • Outshining ambient lighting through windows
  • Using Pro AV products that require less energy


  • 21 Sharp 60" Class (60 3/32" diagonal) PN-LE601 commercial LCD displays
  • 1 Sharp 80" Class (80" diagonal) PN-LE801 commercial LCD display
  • 1 Sharp 43" Class (42.5" diagonal) PN-Y436 professional LCD display


  • YANMAR EVO//CENTER is positioned to live up to its environmentally friendly mission
  • The displays have proved bright enough to outshine ambient lighting
  • Multiple displays allow for education in multiple languages

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