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Sharp Digital Press Series

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Fiery Hot Folders & Virtual Printers

Two methods to automate error-free output

Fiery Hot Folders let you do more work by automating the job-submission process. They also reduce errors and automate repetitive tasks with a simple drag-and-drop operation. Publish and share Fiery Hot Folders with multiple users in your network for faster, error-free printing for everyone.

Fiery Server Presets

Reduce touch points across your print shop

Create and share commonly used print settings to automate the selection of Fiery® Job Properties, saving time, reducing errors and maximizing productivity. Fiery Image Boost is a preset that allows you to create an automated job submission workflow to produce brighter, cleaner and more pleasing images; plus smoother vector gradients your customers will notice.

Fiery JobFlow

Don’t touch what you can automate

Fiery® JobFlow automates job preparation steps in prepress workflows to produce ready-to-print files. This easy-to-use print workflow automation software increases productivity and reduces costs. Examples of workflows include processing tasks such as image enhancement, imposition, and preflighting, submitting files to the proper location, reorganizing pages by splitting long jobs or extracting pages, archiving jobs at various processing stages for later reuse, and receiving email notifications on the job processing steps that are important to you.

Fiery JobExpert

Automatically sets optimal Fiery job settings

Fiery JobExpert is a breakthrough new technology that analyzes incoming PDF files and dynamically chooses the optimal job settings for color management, image quality, VDP settings, and engine specific properties. to achieve the highest quality while optimizing processing time. Fiery JobExpert reduces setup time, enables faster processing, and cuts waste.

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