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AQUOS BOARD Collaboration Display for Educators

From elementary schools to universities, the award-winning AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system is highly beneficial in education environments as it is designed to enhance collaboration. Interaction between instructors and students, as well as between the students themselves, is enhanced as it allows everyone to share data and graphics in real time.

Shift from Passive to Collaborative Learning

Increase teamwork by connecting students to the AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system with their portable devices such as laptop computers, tablets and smart phones. This allows teachers and students to collaborate and share ideas more effectively.

Seamlessly Integrate with Numerous Learning Tools

The AQUOS BOARD open system architecture yields effortless integration with your existing classroom hardware and software investments as well as leading learning management systems including Google® Classroom, Blackboard®, Promethean®, ActivInspire™, Splashtop® Classroom and more. What’s more, it can leverage your AV control systems to amplify lessons.

Improve Student Engagement

With colorful graphics, videos and web pages, the AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system can bridge the gap between instructors and hard to reach students. A high efficiency bright screen limits the need to turn off the lights, which can cause some students to get distracted or even doze off.

Usage in Schools Beyond the Classrooms and Lecture Halls

Let students focus on the lesson, not note-taking. Write impromptu notes and diagrams on the display using the Whiteboard Mode or emphasize lessons by drawing directly onto displayed photos, videos, PDFs, Microsoft® Office documents, open web pages and more. Then, easily save and share class notes via email or as a printout.

Real-time Sharing with Wireless Casting

Screen share allows smartphones, tablets and laptops to cast images onto the display, while mirroring fosters a 1:1 learning environment by broadcasting the display screen onto each student’s personal device.