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AQUOS BOARD Collaboration Display for Government

The award-winning AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system is highly beneficial in government offices including police departments, transit agency boardrooms and more as it is designed to enhance the user experience. It allows everyone to share data and graphics in real time. In many cases where these meetings require optimal communications, the outcome can save time and funding.

Shift from Passive to Collaborative Meetings

Increase teamwork by connecting government employees’ portable devices such as laptop computers, tablets and smart phones to the AQUOS BOARD collaboration display. This allows for more effective teamwork.

Open Architecture Yields Seamless Integration

The AQUOS BOARD collaboration display seamlessly integrates with and leverages existing infrastructure and software investments at a government office. It works great with existing video conferencing and AV control systems. In addition, the collaboration display is fully compatible with the Microsoft® Office “inking” function, enabling users to natively annotate within any Office application without the need for additional software or training.

Improve Critical Planning

When plans are being made to construct or repair roads, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure, having the right tool to share messages and collaborate is vital. Law enforcement agents also need to effectively plan how to handle a severe weather warning, terrorism alert or any other potentially hazardous situation. The Sharp AQUOS BOARD collaboration display system is precisely what is needed for everyone to be on the same page.

The Right Size for any Type of Government Meeting

The AQUOS BOARD collaboration display comes in a wide array of sizes from 55" Class (54.6" diagonal) for huddle spaces to 86" Class (85.6" diagonal) for larger meetings such as town halls.

Connection to a Sharp MFP to Print Meeting Room Materials

After government officials collaborate in a meeting, the file can be saved, shared and sent to a Sharp MFP to be printed.