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Backup and Disaster Recovery: Avoid Downtime

In a flash, a catastrophic system failure can erase billing records, inventory files and customer lists. Recreating this data would be expensive and time consuming; and it could takes days, weeks, or even months to resume normal business operations. How quickly could your business recover, if you lost your data today?

Don’t Let a System Failure Shut You Down

Losing your data can create a domino effect of downtime, customer turnover and revenue loss. Sharp’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution provides business continuity during and after an unexpected disaster such as a system failure, ransomware or natural disaster. Our solution is reliable, affordable and practically maintenance-free. Our technicians continuously perform data back ups and if an incident occurs, they can put your disaster recovery plan in play by rapidly restoring your data.

Backs Up Critical Information

Automated backup and instant virtualization of all your business data.

Quickly Recover

Ensure business continuity with fast and comprehensive recovery.

Keeps Data Safe When Major Disaster Strikes

If a fire, flood or earthquake damages your physical location, our remote data centers safely house your data and records.


Set your business continuity in motion by scheduling a technology review today.