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Does Your Copier Offer These 8 Security Capabilities?

The office multifunction printer (MFP) is an intelligent business processing hub that serves as an important on- and off-ramp for both paper-based and digitally based business information. To ensure compliance with the organization's overall IT security initiatives, particular attention must be paid to this mission-critical device.  

Download this infographic to learn about the 8 security capabilities your copier should have.

Read the full IDC Security white paper 

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Does Your Copier Offer These 8 Security Capabilities?

  1. Encryption features to protect resident information in the device’s memory and hard drive as well as for documents in motion (e.g., scanning, faxing)
  2. Secure updating of firmware/BIOS/OS as well as protection that detects attacks and restores firmware/BIOS/OS to the original state
  3. Securing of all communications ports (e.g., network connections, fax lines)
  4. Application whitelisting to ensure that only authorized applications/files can access the MFP
  5. Pull printing (e.g., enter a PIN at the MFP to initiate printing)
  6. Audit log to track/monitor usage
  7. End-of-life plan to erase any remaining content still resident in the device’s memory and hard drive
  8. Ability to implement company security policies to govern employees’ use of business-related information

Source: IDC Analyst Connection (2021) Safeguard Your Organization’s Sensitive Business Information with a Comprehensive MFP Security Action Plan [White Paper]


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