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Managed Print Services for More Efficiency and Control

Customized Approach for More Efficiency and Control

Overlooking your print environment can be costly and inefficient, hindering your organization in the long run. Managed Print Services (MPS) from Sharp offer a consultative approach to manage your print infrastructure and maximize uptime, productivity and security.

Take Control to Cut Costs

All too often companies are unaware of how many printers they have or their actual spend on printing. A complete assessment by Sharp helps you understand the current state of your print infrastructure and your total cost of printing using first-class reporting and device mapping tools.

Optimize Your Print Environment

The entire lifecycle of your print fleet is managed by us. To improve costeffectiveness and efficiency, Sharp removes redundant devices and replaces aging equipment. You can simplify the user experience by standardizing models and drivers from one device to the next and streamline support by consolidating all your maintenance contracts into one.

Allow IT to Focus on Critical Projects

Sharp manages and maintains your fleet. This frees IT resources from printer-related issues and eliminates help desk calls to keep your team focused on key IT projects.

Streamline Support from One Partner

Gone are the days of processing invoices from multiple vendors. Sharp sends a single, predictable monthly invoice for an allinclusive cost-per-copy plan. By only paying for what you print, we can help you experience a significant savings.