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PaperCut MF for Acute Care

Secure, fast and efficient printing

Doctors and nurses providing acute care have to be flexible and adapt quickly, because their primary goal — patient care — is more than just a service. As a medical professional, you need the right technology to ensure your print infrastructure can keep up.

Acute care is arguably the most time-sensitive, individuallyoriented diagnostic field under the healthcare umbrella. Medical professionals need to help patients with a diverse range of medical issues while also protecting their sensitive information. Technology can be our greatest ally; but if it doesn’t contribute to efficiency, security and time-totreatment, it can be a frustrating obstacle.


  • Distributed printing environments; multiple sites, coupled with an array of devices combined with staff mobility
  • Compatibility issues with EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical/Health Records); print jobs vanishing from EMR application
  • Doctors, nurses and administrative staff lean heavily on time-sensitive information
  • Lack of control over who can print what and where
  • Unable to easily track and conduct reporting on employee printing
  • Maintain privacy and avoid steep fines for non-compliance by ensuring patient health information is not traceable
  • Protect confidential paperwork when sending to other clinics, departments, or external pharmacies