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Pro AV Solutions and Services for Productive Business Communication and Collaboration

To remain competitive, more organizations rely on collaborative technology to relay their ever-changing sales and promotional messages. Partner with Sharp to enhance collaboration-based communication through our Pro Audio Visual (AV) solutions and services, From digital signage to full conference room integration.

Meeting Effectiveness Simplified

Made for show and tell in the digital age, our interactive displays liven up your meeting spaces and make
group collaboration more intuitive—an ideal solution to connect with remote workers anywhere in the world.

AQUOS BOARD Collaboration Systems

  • Ready for a quick meeting - 4K displays as large as 85" class size with built-in wireless functionality
  • Simultaneous collaboration - Touchscreen supports up to 20 touch points at a time to increase participation and collaboration
  • Pen-on-Paper® experience – Write on screen using a finger or the bundled touch pen 
  • Multifunction printer (MFP) connectivity - Scan documents from a Sharp MFP to display content onscreen, make notations, then send to print

Windows Collaboration Display

  • Enable teamwork - Use Microsoft 365 at room scale and, when working remotely, use Microsoft Teams to feel as if everyone is in the room
  • Plug and play - Connect a single USB-C cable to your laptop or mobile device or connect wirelessly 
  • Optimize space utilization - Built-in sensors can connect to Microsoft Azure to detect real-time meeting room usage and ambient conditions
  • Elegant edge-to-edge design - Brilliant 4K UltraHD 70" Class multi-touch, interactive display 

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vendor

  1. Do they understand your business and partner with you to create the best solution?
  2. Do they provide ongoing training on products and software? 
  3. Do they offer a range of sizes and applications? Biggest isn’t always best and one size doesn’t fit all.
  4. Does the purchase include licensing fees and custom products/software to run optimally?
  5. Do they help you get the most out of your displays, e.g. doubling an interactive display as a digital signage solution?

Why Collaboration-Based Communication?

  • Share engaging messages on bright, professional displays
  • Host next level meetings using interactive presentations 
  • Connect globally with cloud video conferencing solutions

Show Your Message with Style

Looking for a better digital signage experience? Do customers see everything you offer when they walk through the door? More businesses trust Sharp to help them communicate and disseminate information brilliantly on our professional displays, built for 24/7 commercial use. 

Smart Signage Displays

  • Excellent image quality - Express the detail and visual impact of your full-HD content on vibrant LCD displays from 40" to 85" class size
  • Standalone signage solution - Built-in SoC (System on a Chip) controller delivers digital signage solutions without an external PC
  • Easy content creation - SHARP e-Signage S software lets you create signage easily via simple drag-and-drop operation

Video Wall Displays

  • Draw a crowd - Captivate audiences in spacious lobbies, auditoriums or any large space
  • High-impact displays - Expand visual communication using multi-screen video walls 
  • Scalable solutions - Almost any number of monitors may be joined together 
  • Natural, seamless look - Ultra-thin bezels cause less interruption across the entire on-screen image

Our Consultative Approach

We start with an assessment to identify communication challenges, uncover the messages you want to convey, and understand what your ideal communication structure looks like. Then together, we’ll design a plan to help you meet your goals.

Contact us today to request a demo or to learn how we can help boost communication and collaboration.