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The Ultimate, Interactive Classroom Package

A collaborative teaching solution to foster an immersive learning environment

Today’s students are digital natives, making smart collaborative technology a must in the classroom. If your school is looking to adopt a turnkey solution to propel student-teacher engagement, a Sharp Interactive Classroom Package delivers an award-winning ultra-HD AQUOS BOARD® interactive display mounted on a rolling cart for added mobility.

Seamlessly integrate with learning tools

Open system architecture yields effortless integration with your existing classroom hardware and software investments as well as leading learning management systems including Google® Classroom, Blackboard®, Promethean®, ActivInspire™, Splashtop® Classroom and more. What’s more, it can leverage your AV control systems to amplify lessons.

Let students focus on the lesson, not note-taking

Write impromptu notes and diagrams on the display using the Whiteboard Mode or emphasize lessons by drawing directly onto displayed photos, videos, PDFs, Microsoft® Office documents, open web pages and more using the Overlay Mode. Then, easily save and share class notes via email or as a printout.

Deliver clear and accurate notations

Not only does the Sharp proprietary anti-glare coating eliminate onscreen distractions such as glares and fingerprints, it also provides a smooth pen-on-paper experience for a natural writing flow. Sharp Pen Software offers handwriting recognition to convert written notes and shapes into standard text or objects, making a legible record of your lesson.

Real-time sharing with wireless casting

Expand learning experiences using screen share and mirroring features. Screen share allows smartphones, tablets and laptops to cast images onto the display, while mirroring fosters a 1:1 learning environment by broadcasting the display screen onto each student’s personal device.

Allow IT to support the display remotely

Select models offer Sharp Remote Device Manager, an application to help IT centrally manage displays. Remotely control input settings, schedule power on-off times and retrieve device status information to consume less energy and ensure efficient device utilization.