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5 Reasons You Need a Copier Security Action Plan

The office multifunction printer (MFP) serves as an important on- and off-ramp for both paper-based and digitally based business information. To ensure compliance with the organization's overall IT security initiatives, particular attention must be paid to this mission-critical device. We've highlighted his top 5 reasons you need a copier security action plan in this infographic!

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5 Reasons You Need a Copier Security Action Plan

  1. Putting your copier behind your company’s firewall is no guarantee of security on its own.
  2. MFPs address business information in both paper and digital form, therefore both formats must be considered in a security plan.
  3. Cloud and mobile technologies have merged to offer the benefit of “anytime, anywhere” access to information, but that also means greater vulnerability.
  4. All copier access points – like the display screen, hard drive, communication and network ports – represent opportunities to gain entry to the network.
  5. Documents in motion (faxes, scans) can be intercepted and used if not secured with encryption.


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