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Are You Making the Most of Your MFP

With so many features, where do you start? Here are 3 ways that you can make the most of your MFP.

Are you making the most of your MFP? infographic with text version below

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Are You Making the Most of Your MFP?


Save Time, Increase Efficiency

Start and finish a document distribution task right from the MFP touch screen display, which allows you to scan documents to e-mail, network folders, USB devices and more with an available retractable keyboard.


Protect Your Data

Data encryption, data overwrite protection and confidential printing are just a few of the security features accessible from today’s MFPs. 


Accessorize & Finish with Style

 Make your documents stand out from the crowd with high-performance finishers that give your documents a professional look, such as compact inner finishers, high capacity, floorstanding saddle-stitch finishers, or in-line stapling. 


No matter what your business is, Sharp document systems make their business yours.

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