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How Secure Is Your Office?

No business is too small to evade a cyberattack or data breach. Look at your IT landscape from a security viewpoint to identify potential threats. This infographic points out possible entry points of cybercriminals to help make sure you have the proper security assets in place.


How Secure Is Your Office? infographic with text version below




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How Secure is Your Office

Multifunction Printers

  • Unclaimed documents left at the device can end up in the wrong hands
  • Outdated and unsecured MFPs can serve as a “secret” backdoor into your network
  • Hackers can steal printer logs with sensitive information or cause damage to a device
  • Files sent through a wireless connection to be printed can be intercepted
  • 60% of businesses lose their data through printer security breaches.

IoT Devices

  • All internet connected devices represent a possible entryway into your network
  • IoT devices lacking the latest operating system updates are more vulnerable
  • Dead or unsupported apps can serve as a potential gateway to your network
  • Smartphones and tablets containing sensitive company data can be lost or stolen
  • 90% of device manufacturers did not feel conf ident their devices had adequate security precautions in place.


  • Outdated firewall, antivirus, and operating systems widen our gap of vulnerability
  • Weak network traffic restrictions can lead to infections from corrupt emails and websites
  • Malicious software can take control of your computer and files not backed up can be lost
  • 79% of companies could have prevented a breach with a software patch or configuration change.


  • Global spending on security awareness training for employees is one of the fastest growing categories in cybersecurity
  • It only takes one click on the wrong email or website for a hacker to have access to your network
  • Downloading unverified software can infect your system
  • 90% of successful hacks and data breaches stem from phishing scams.



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