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Where to Find Digital Signage in a Hospital

Professional and interactive displays can offer a variety of information in a hospital setting for patients, visitors and staff members. Here are five examples of where to find digital signage in a hospital and how they can be used.

Where to Find Digital Signage in a Hospital infographic with text version below

Text Version

Where to Find Digital Signage in a Hospital

Staff Breakroom

  • Hospital announcements/internal communications and events
  • New policies
  • Inspection notices
  • New treatments offered


  • Food/beverage menus
  • Nutritional info
  • Hospital announcements

Main Lobby

  • Interactive kiosks for patient and visitor check-in
  • Gift store promotions
  • Community outreach
  • Advertisements for offered services

Waiting Area

  • Health and wellness tips
  • Preventative seasonal health reminders
  • Advertisements for offered services
  • Wait times for loved ones

Campus Directories

  • Interactive touchscreen directories and maps throughout the hospital

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