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Where to Find Digital Signage in a University

Professional and interactive displays can offer a variety of information in a university campus setting for students and faculty. Here are six examples of where to find digital signage in a university and how they can be used.

Where to Find Digital Signage in a University infographic with text version below

Text Version

Where to Find Digital Signage at a University


  • Sales events
  • New text books, clothing, art class tools, etc.


  • Food and beverage menus
  • Nutritional info
  • Daily specials

Recreation Center

  • Collegiate games/highlights
  • Team/athlete stats
  • Gym hours/policies
  • Game strategies for coaches/athletes

Classrooms and Science Labs

  • Collaboration via tablets, laptop computers and smart phones
  • Advanced visual learning capabilities
  • Hands-on experiment support

Common Areas

  • Campus and shuttle maps
  • Emergency messages/announcements/events
  • Student projects, concerts, etc.
  • Wayfinding

Libraries and Computer Labs

  • Study room/workstation reservations
  • Trending book info
  • Career finding/job postings

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