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SYNAPPX WorkSpaces

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Make your workplace smarter and more engaging!

Synappx WorkSpaces can help organizations with the necessary data and analytics to help assess their collaboration tech and workspace investments. With WorkSpaces service subscription, the insights derived from the analytics and data can help organizations make informed decisions on beneficial collaboration and workspace investments.

Common Challenges for Employees

“Meeting rooms are never available”
“Workspaces are uncomfortable”

Common Challenges for Decision-makers

“Does the organization have a real estate/office space issue?”
“Does the organization have enough workspaces for the employees to collaborate and be productive?"
“Are the meeting rooms too cold/warm/bright?"
“Is the collaboration tech too difficult for the employees to use?"

Organizational Challenges

“How do we utilize our budget efficiently and acquire the right collaboration technology and workspaces?”
“Where can we get data to confirm that the collaboration investments are having positive impacts on organizational productivity and promoting employee satisfaction?”

Analytics from Synappx WorkSpaces

operational analytics Icon

Operational analytics can help organizations understand if employees are engaging and interacting with the Windows collaboration display's (WCD) from Sharp and the usage of workspaces for meetings during business hours.

usage analytics Icon

Usage analytics to learn average meeting duration, total number of meetings scheduled by employees, meetings where the WCD was used and more.

status analytics Icon

Status analytics to visualize the status of the WCD devices throughout the organization and alerts on the changes to the workspace and technology conditions.

environmental analytics Icon

Environmental analytics to study the environment of meeting rooms, temperature changes during a meeting and the impact of attendees to the ambient conditions.

Synappx WorkSpaces Helps Organizations

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Create, manage and monitor a smart and engaging workplace with customized alerts and notifications for meeting room ambient conditions to maintain productive collaborative workspaces for employees.
Access to WorkSpaces’ reports and analytics to help organizations gather insights on the changes in workspace conditions and collaboration technology usage to proactively identify issues and resolve them before they are reported.
Analytics and data to help the organization assess the benefits and impact of collaborative technology and workspace investments
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Synappx WorkSpaces Datasheet

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