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What supply items are recyclable?

Sharp copier, printer and fax toner cartridges, waste toner containers and drum units are recyclable. The Sharp Toner Recycling Program is intended for Sharp products only. Sharp reserves the right to charge back those customers who ship non-Sharp products.

What if I do not want to use the bulk recycling option?

We understand that not all customers use toner cartridges in bulk. And, since we are truly committed to improving our green initiatives, we offer low volume recycling customers two different options for disposition of for their used cartridges.

Option 1 - Drop Off At Staples
Staples logo and that was easy

Drop off single Sharp cartridges at any Staples location. Staples will take care of recycling the cartridge at no cost to you.

Option 2 - Generate a UPS Label
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Print a UPS label on demand and ship your single Sharp cartridge directly to our recycling facility. To generate a UPS label, use the button below, then click on "Continue as Guest" and enter your shipping information.


What is included in the Bulk Recycling Kit?

3 pre-labeled collection / shipping cartons, 3 plastic bags to line the carton and 3 zip ties to close the liner prior to shipping.

How do I order a Recycling Kit?

Order a Bulk Recycling Kit

How should I pack the used cartridges?

  • Assemble the carton according to the instructions and insert the side flaps.
  • Place the liner bag inside the carton and close the top flap (with opening).
  • Used supplies can be placed directly into the lined carton.
  • In order to maximize space, do not place used supplies in original packaging.

Is a shipping label provided?

Yes, the collection / shipping cartons are shipped labeled with a pre-paid UPS shipping label.

What do I do when the carton is full?

  • Secure the liner bag with the zip tie, re-position top flaps so that the shipping label is exposed and tape closed.
  • Leave carton for your UPS driver or drop off at UPS shipping location.

Why should I ship used cartridges in bulk?

Help us further reduce our carbon footprint by conserving energy and resources by collecting toner cartridges in the collection/shipping containers. The recycling kit includes everything you need to return your used cartridges.

What if I do not have regular UPS service at my location?

The sealed carton can be brought to a UPS shipping location.

Additional Questions

Please contact Customer Service toll free at 866-265-6906 or email questions to