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Be Productive On the Go with Home Technology Bundles

Video Length - 01:19

As more and more businesses transition to hybrid environments that combine working from home and working in the office, it has never been more critical to put secure hardware and network solutions into place. In this age of phishing and ransomware threats, simply providing hardware for workers to use in their home office is not enough. Sharp has designed three office technology bundles that make it easy for IT professionals and office managers to equip hybrid workers with everything they need to be effective. These bundles can be quickly customized to each customer’s needs and then be provisioned to help meet each company’s data security policies.



FEMALE SPEAKER: As many workers adapt to a hybrid work strategy, the technology they use must adapt as well. But taking an outdated laptop home and competing with the kids for bandwidth doesn't make your couch into a home office. The hardware you use should be designed for the space you're in, and in this age of phishing and ransomware threats, keeping a network safe is even more challenging at home.

An encrypted Wi-Fi connection or company VPN may seem like enough, but your home network may not be as secure as you think. Sharp offers complete work-from-home bundles with the technology needed to work anywhere, including optional network security features. With different bundles designed for users that like to keep things simple, users that need more power, and users that need a lightweight on-the-go solution, Sharp can help arm your employees with the best tools available to work efficiently, comfortably, and securely. You're working no matter where you are. Now work simply smarter.