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Built-in Whiteboard Capability

Video Length - 02:58

In this tutorial, Sharp's Dave Suaviso demonstrates the whiteboard capability of the AQUOS BOARD Interactive display.

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Video Transcription



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AQUOS BOARD PN-L2B Series: Whiteboard

David Suaviso, Jr. (Sr. Regional Sales Manager, NJ-NY):

How you doing everybody, Dave Suaviso here in front of the new Sharp PN-L2B series and I want to talk about the built-in whiteboard. So when you launch and turn it on you'll see the apps there. You click on whiteboard and brings up a new a new palette and you can choose from three different pens. Let's choose the red pen here and you can start writing with your finger or as I like to write with the pen.

Suaviso taps “Whiteboard” under “Apps,” and then writes “SHARP” on the board with the pen.

And from the menu here allows you to erase or you can erase with your hand. If I didn't mean to do that, I can easily undo, change and bring up another color if I wanted to.

Suaviso gestures to the menu on the right side of the board.

If you double click, it allows you to also customize the width of the pen, change the color, and with the back of the pen, it allows you to also erase. But for a much wider, a much bigger eraser, you can just easily use your palm or a microfiber towel.

Suaviso double taps the pen tool in the menu to reveal more customization options.

When you scroll down here and go to the "other", the three dots here allows you to use the File Explorer. If you click on this, it allows you to insert a PDF and image to the background, open a file so if you already had a file in here you want to bring up, you can do that through here. And of course when you're done with your whiteboard session, you can save it to a file that you already have or save it as a PDF. And of course when you save this allows you to save to the on-board memory or with a flash drive, thumb drive that you can input right into the front of the PN-L2B series.

Suaviso taps the three dots in the menu to reveal more options, then taps the File Explorer.

Also if you saw here this allows you to if you had a printer already added to the board you can print and then you have your settings here to change between using the pen or using your finger and just clearing out and going back to the default settings as well.

Suaviso points to the print icon in the menu, then taps the settings icon.

And then also being able to easily pinch and zoom under pen mode. And if I wanted to add additional sheets I can easily do that right at the bottom here, click on the plus button and then you have a second sheet. You go back there's sheet one.

Suaviso taps the plus icon at the bottom.

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