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Connecting a PC to the AQUOS BOARD PN-L2B

Video Length - 01:37

In this tutorial, Sharp's Dave Suaviso discusses how to start meetings quickly on the AQUOS BOARD Interactive display by utilizing the various connectivity options.

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Video Transcription




Dave Suaviso (Sr. Regional Sales Manager, NJ-NY):

Hi everybody. Dave Suaviso here talking about the new Sharp AQUOS BOARD PN-L2B series. How easy is it to connect and start a meeting? Well, very easy.

Dave Suaviso stands next to the AQUOS BOARD.

So let's say when you turn it on you have various ways of connecting wireless casting, HDMI, VGA and USB-C.

The AQUOS BOARD shows the different apps, settings and input options on the screen. Dave Suaviso points at the USB-C cable under the input section.

And with the USBC cable with the one with the one cable, allows you to connect audio, video and touch back.

He clicks on the USB-C cable option. Screen changes to the windows home page with a notification box on the top left of the screen that indicates that USB-C is connected.

So I have full control of my Windows laptop here so I can connect in, bring up an application, a Word document. A browser.

Dave Suaviso clicks on the Microsoft Word application at the bottom of the screen and a Word document pops up. He then clicks on the Google Chrome icon and the Google browser pops up.

You're using your laptop, so if I want to have a meeting and start a presentation, I can do that. Here I am in PowerPoint. I can have that presentation as well as use the Microsoft thinking tools.

He clicks on the PowerPoint icon at the bottom of the screen and a PowerPoint presentation pops up. He clicks the highlighter option at the top of the screen and circles the Sharp logo and underlines the Dynabook logo in the presentation.

Or if you wanted to also with Google here and the built-in annotation feature.

Dave Suaviso clicks on the Google icon and pulls up the Google browser. He then clicks on the side menu tab on the middle right hand side of the screen that displays annotation options.

Remember those side menus or the bottom menu? I can bring up the annotation feature and allows me to write on top of whatever I have on the screen, in this case a web browser.

He clicks on the pen option and draws a circle around the Google logo.