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Connectivity Options for the AQUOS BOARD® PN-C Series

Video Length - 00:58

Learn how to connect your PC to the Sharp PN-C AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series in this short tutorial.

Video Transcription



Female Speaker:

In this demonstration, we will cover how to connect a PC to the AQUOS BOARD PN-C series using Eshare.

The Aquos Board is shown in the middle of the frame at its main menu.

Select Eshare server on the home screen. Ensure all devices are connected to the same Network. Then install the Eshare application on your PC

She taps on the Eshare Icon which is located at the bottom right. The screen changes to a diagram that showcases the steps on how to connect your PC to the screen.

From that device launch Eshare. Enter the AQUOS BOARD's IP address, then select share screen.

The camera switches to the PC screen where it shows a bar graph behind a pop-up menu, where she enters the IP address into and then clicking the share screen button at the bottom left.

Your PC screen will be shown on the display. Here you can use the drawing function to make onscreen annotations or take notes.

The camera returns the screen, which is now showing the PC content, she taps on the side to bring up the Side Navigation Bar, where she taps on the draw icon. Using her finger, she selects the color black and draws an x on the graph.