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Contract Purchasing with Sharp

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Business always comes with its fair share of challenges. Though lately, it may seem like that share is no longer fair. Even if your business faces staff reductions and budget cuts, you still need to source technology in an appropriate, affordable and compliant way. Overcome purchasing challenges while maximizing efficiencies with Sharp awarded contracts.

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Male Speaker:

Business always comes with its fair share of challenges. Though lately it may seem like that share is no longer fair As your institution likely faces staff reductions and budget cuts.

A series of animated graphics appear, like hands shaking and an animated pie graph.

You still need to source what your organization needs in an appropriate and compliant way. You need a mechanism that can help you do this without racking up expenses.

Icons representing different type of technology used in an office space appear then a 2-D graphic of an office building appears from the bottom of the screen.

Sharp can help you overcome purchasing challenges while maximizing efficiencies. Purchasing goods and services via one of Sharp's awarded contracts streamlines the purchasing process by enabling your organization access to what it needs, without going to bid. But what else does Sharp bring to the table? Sharp awarded contracts provide you access to award winning office products at negotiated pricing.

Sharp logo appears centered with a solid background afterwards animated graphic appear representing the different products offered by Sharp Electronics.

All with a 3-year equipment performance guarantee. Sharp's national network of authorized dealers and branch locations allow for direct installation, maintenance, and support of your equipment locally. And with one step ordering, same day order processing and prompt delivery. Sharp can ensure your organization performs at its best. Additionally, Sharp offers a free toner recycling program, helping your organization stay environmentally conscious. All of this can save you money, time and provide peace of mind, knowing that your investments are sound.

Footage of the different technologies Sharp Electronics are shown being used in real-life scenarios, starting with the Sharp MFPs printers, then the windows collaboration displays, and then a face scanner. Animated graphics follow after these clips, like an animated map with different points, a delivery truck, a bar graph and a recycling bin.

Sharp's awarded contracts from highly regarded cooperatives provide you the ability to store Sharp's innovative business products, which can assist in controlling expenses and meeting security, accessibility, environmental and regulatory requirements.

An animation starts with a 2-D graphic of a green shield appearing, then two corporate office building. Afterwards 2-D graphics of Sharp Electronic products also appear in the center of the screen.

You're in a decision making position for your organization because you're smart. So why not let us do the work for you and make your contract purchasing Simply Smarter.

Footage of two people looking over paperwork together, then more footage of paperwork being signed and written on follows.