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Drawing Function Overview for the AQUOS BOARD® PN-C Series

Video Length - 02:41

In this short tutorial learn how to utilize and leverage the white board function of the Sharp PN-C AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series.

Video Transcript



In this demonstration, we're going to cover the drawing function on the AQUOS BOARD PN-C Series. Using the drawing function, the entire screen becomes a whiteboard that allows you to draw and take notes.


First, select drawing, after powering on the board.

Bottom panel shows Drawing, Local MM, File Explorer, EShare Server, and Setting icons. Woman chooses drawing option.

There is a function bar at the bottom of the screen. Here you can select pen or paintbrush mode as well as the color and thickness you would like to use.  

Woman uses pen mode to write the word Sharp in red with a thin stroke on the Aquos Board

Select the back arrow to undo the previous drawing or edit. Select the forward arrow to redo an undone action. Please note this function is only available in pen mode.  


The select object tool can be used to select something you have drawn and edit it. You can move the selection around the board and enlarge or reduce its size.  

Woman uses the select object tool to select the entire word Sharp written on the board by drawing a rectangle around it. She resizes the word by touching the corners and dragging them inward and outward.

Another drawing option is to select a color from the color panel to get the full spectrum of colors.  

Woman drags her finger around the color panel and chooses green and writes the word Sharp on the Aquos Board

To add a new page, select the plus icon. You can navigate between pages using the arrows, or you can navigate by displaying all the pages as a list. Select the pages icon and they will display on the right side of the display. You can select which page you would like to enlarge as well delete pages.  


When selecting the erase icon, you have two options. The object erase option allows you to outline a drawing and delete it. Please note, this function is only available in pen mode.

After selecting the object erase option, the woman uses her finger to draw a rectangle around the words. When the rectangle is complete, the drawing inside is erased.

The eraser enables you to erase a drawn line. The size of the eraser varies by the area of the screen touched. The final option for erasing is laying your palm flat on the display.  

After selecting the eraser tool, the woman uses her finger to erase the letters. Woman erases the remaining words using her palm.

When selecting the broom icon, you will delete all content from this sheet you are drawing on.  


When you select paintbrush mode, you can see that the functions have been limited.  



Sharp logo fades in