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Drawing Function Overview for the AQUOS BOARD® PN-L Series

Video Length - 03:04

In this short tutorial learn how to save a file from Direct Drawing as well as how to add an image to direct drawing on the Sharp PN-L AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series.

Video Transcription



[Intro music begins]


In this demonstration, we're going to discuss the whiteboard function for the PNL series in white board mode the entire screen becomes a whiteboard that allows you to draw and take notes. You can draw using a pen or using your finger. We're going to start the demonstration using our finger.

The Sharp AQUOS Board is at the center, on the home screen.

First select drawing after powering on the board. There are up arrows on either side of the screen that will display your functions.

She taps on the first bubble icon to the left, then the screen turns to a blank sheet.

There are three different pen palettes. To select your pen palette settings. Tap the palette twice. These pen palettes can be programmed to easily allow switching between pen and highlighter, as well as changed the thickness and color.

The camera zooms into the left side menu where there are 9 icons. She selects the first option, and a new menu extends from the icon where there are multiple options for the user to change the thickness, and color. She clicks on the thickest option, and the red color from the menu. Using her finger she writes Sharp on the screen.

Selecting the gesture function allows you to zoom in and out of whatever is displayed on the whiteboard

She taps on the fifth option from the top. Using two hands she uses her index finer on each to pinch in and out to achieve a zoom in and out.

To erase something you have done. There are three options. The first option is to select the undo arrow from your functions bar. This will undo your actions one at a time. Another option is to lay your whole hand flat on the screen until you see the circle and erase like a whiteboard. The final option is to select the erase button from your functions bar with this function, the user has the option to select how big the eraser is.

She taps on the 6th option from the top which erases the p from sharp, she taps on it again which removes the r. She taps on the option below it which makes the r appear, another tap makes the p appear. She lays her whole hand on the screen then wipes away a section of the S from sharp. She clicks the undo icon, the 6th option from the top, to add the missing part of the S. She taps on the fourth option from the top, a menu extends from the icon with three options of thickness, she taps on the last one. She removes part of the S, then clicks the undo button to undo this.

When using the drawing function, you can use up to 10 sheets to add a sheet select the plus button to switch between the sheets. Use the arrows on either side. If you would like to delete the sheet that you are on, select the X

The camera zooms into the middle bottom menu where she taps on the plus icon, which makes a new blank screen, she taps it a second time making a third sheet. Using the arrow at the end of the menu she navigates between sheets. Once she is at the first sheet, she taps on the x icon which brings up a new pop-up menu that asks the user if they are sure they want to delete the current sheet. She taps on no which makes the pop-up menu disappear.

In the Functions bar, you will see an option Icon. Selecting that gives you options to save your sheets, delete your sheets or import images. Also in options. You have the ability to switch to pen mode, select options and select settings. A menu will appear. Select. Draw only with pen, then select. Okay, switching to pen mode. You can still edit your pen selections the same way you previously did. While using pen mode. There is an additional way to erase content. This is by using the opposite side of the pen like a regular pencil gesture. Icon is no longer displayed when using the pen function. Any time you use your finger, it is a gesture function. This concludes the white board mode function for the PNL 651h

She taps on the last icon from the top, which extends to a menu of four icons. She then taps on the last icon of the new menu, which opens a new pop-up menu at the center of the screen. She taps on the first option, which prompts a new pop-up dialog making sure the user wants to activate pen-only mode, she taps on Ok. Using the pen she taps on the second option from the top and then a new menu extends, she selects the third thickest option of stroke and the color red. She taps on the icon again to close the menu, then using the pen she writes the word Sharp on the screen. She then turns the pen to the opposite side and erases apart of the S, clicking the undo button following this to return to the full S. Using her fingers she quickly zooms in and out.

[Outro music begins]

The clip fades into a solid background with the Sharp logo centered in the center.