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Encouraging Student Participation with the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® PN-C Series

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Today’s students are accustomed to technology. Yet, most classrooms tend to lag behind the technological curve. Sharp PN-C Series all-in-one, AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems enable instructors to encourage student participation by presenting information in a smart, intuitive display.

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[Intro music begins]


Female Speaker:

From elementary schools to universities, instructors try to engage their students, keeping them enthralled by subject matter so that they get the most out of each lesson. Today's students are accustomed to, and captivated by technology. And yet, most classrooms tend to lag behind technological curve.

A montage of teachers giving lectures in a classroom and students using their laptops to attend classes virtually from their homes.

Revitalize learning environments with the PN-C, Series AQUOS BOARD all in one interactive display systems. These smart, intuitive displays enable instructors to present information through advanced technology, thus encouraging student participation. Available in multiple sizes, this series is an affordable option to experience pristine 4K ultra HD resolution.

The Sharp Aquos Board appears at the center of the screen with a solid background behind it. The screen then changes to different images showcasing different graphics from different subjects like history and science.

The PN-C Series AQUOS BOARD displays feature an integrated whiteboard so students and educators can capture notes without connecting an external PC.

A montage of various teachers using the whiteboard mode to write and underline notes while giving lectures to a classroom.

Overlay mode enables users to write on-screen annotations directly onto photos, videos and documents. Even for first time users, the simple write and erase function is a breeze to operate.

A montage of various teachers using the overlay to write over existing images like, a diagram of a 3D render of a car model, a bar graph, and a map of the Unites States

These display systems feature wireless connectivity to improve teacher mobility. An OPS compliance slot on each display in the series allows an optional card based PC to be installed without the need for an external set top box. Other features include a built in media player to present photos and videos in crisp 4K ultra HD and front mounted speakers to project sounds more directly during lessons. Compatible with multiple operating systems and software, the Sharp PN-C series AQUOS BOARD interactive displays can seamlessly integrate with the leading learning management systems to leverage a classroom's existing infrastructure.

An animation featuring the Sharp Aquos Board appears, showcasing how the media player, where the speakers are located and different examples of how the board can be used for the classroom.

Best of all, utilizing a cart empowers one board to service multiple classrooms, thereby increasing the units service value Exponentially. With built in features, an open platform architecture and advanced display technology, the PN-C series AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems are truly in a class of their own.

A student alongside a teacher is shown pushing the cart into a classroom through the hallways. Another short animation is played to reshow the different content it can display.

[Outro music begins]