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Gallery Functions for the AQUOS BOARD® PN-L Series

Video Length - 01:43

Learn how to access and leverage the media gallery of the Sharp PN-L AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series in this short tutorial.

Video Transcript



In this demonstration, we're going to cover the gallery function. Select Gallery at the bottom right of the display.

The following options are displayed on the PN-L screen: Direct Drawing, Wireless Display, and Gallery

This will display the folders that you have saved in the gallery.


Select albums. This allows you to sort the folders, by albums, location, times, people and tags.

Select Albums from the top left menu

To view the content of the folder, select the folder.


Once the folder has opened, select Grid View. This allows you to change the folder from grid view to filmstrip view.  

Select Grid View from the top left menu

If you would like to edit any of the files, select the edit tool at the bottom left of the display. This will allow you to add filters as well as crop and rotate your file. Select save at the top left of the display once you have made your edits.

Woman selects the edit tool (pencil icon) at the bottom left of the display. A list of image filters with thumbnail previews of the filter effect appears on the right side of the screen. The woman selects different filter options and the image displayed on the screen changes color and brightness. The woman selects the crop icon at the bottom of the filter list and a new list of editing options is displayed including: Crop, Straighten, Rotate, Mirror, and Draw.

There are two ways you can select a folder. The first option is to press and hold on a folder until it is outlined in blue. From there, you can select as many folders as you would like. This gives you the option to delete multiple folders at once.


The second option is to select options from the top right of the board. From there, you can select as many folders as you would like also giving you the option to delete as many folders at once as you would like.


Select done when you have finished working with your folders.

  Sharp logo fades in.