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GoToMeeting™ Web Conferencing on the Sharp AQUOS BOARD

With the power of GoToMeeting™, see how web conferencing on the Sharp AQUOS BOARD can help create a dynamic online meeting.

Video Transcription



Barbara Mikrut (Media Developer/Sales Trainer):

Today, we'll demonstrate, GoToMeeting and how you can use a web cam with the AQUOS BOARD to video conference with someone in another office. Behind me, you'll see that GoToMeeting is open on our AQUOS BOARD and I'll go ahead and tap on get started.

Barbara Mikrut stands in front of an AQUOS board with the GoToMeeting webpage open. She clicks the Get Started button in the center of the screen.

Here, my webcam has been mounted up on the AQUOS BOARD and connected to my shuttle PC. b on this B model AQUOS BOARD and down there, you'll see that whatever we see in the webcam, we have a little preview right here in the bottom box of the screen.

A new page opens with live webcam footage showing on the bottom left and a link in the center of the screen to share the meeting. She motions to the camera on the top of the AQUOS board and then the footage box on the screen.

Now GoToMeeting, gives us this link. So I'll go ahead and copy this link. I'll just right click on it by holding it down, copy. Open up my email. So now I'll open up a new email, slide our keyboard open. Paste the email, paste the link into the email and hit send.

She clicks the link and copies it. She opens an email and types using a keyboard that she swipes in from the left-hand side of the screen. She pastes the link into email and clicks send.

And there he is. Hi. OK. Now, uh this is Garfield and he's one of our my colleagues here at Sharp and Garfield will, will go ahead and share one of the files we are looking at today. So he's going to share a PDF straight from his computer if he taps here or clicks down here, rather. He can go ahead and share files.

A pop-up shows that it is connecting. Garfield, Barbara Mikrut’s colleague shows up on screen. She clicks the left share icon on the bottom of the screen. Options to either share a document or share your screen appear.

Now, if I switch back to GoTo Meeting, I'm now waiting for him to join our conference. So you see that you can send PDFs, Word and PowerPoint documents. And there you go, we have the sales report and now I can take a look at it on my uh PC, which is the AQUOS BOARD and he can see it on his uh laptop.

Garfield shares a Sales Report document and Barbara Mikrut scrolls through the different pages.

So now we can continue to conference and you see, we see a little preview of him right here and the preview of my camera right there.

She points to the left side of the screen with a preview of Garfield's camera right above the preview of her camera.

As you can see you can use GoToMeeting or a variety of free web applications along with the AQUOS BOARD and a webcam to video conference with people in another office that might be in another state or even in another country.