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Simply Smarter Work: Improve Efficiencies & Reduce Costs

Video Length - 01:17

Video Transcription



Female Speaker:

Few organizations truly understand how much it costs them to effectively share information.

A group of Sharp MFPs printers are shown together, with an animated background.

For instance, they are unclear about who is printing the most, the support costs of their print environment and the burden it places on overworked IT staff.

A video of a print job being completed is playing alongside iconography to visually showcase cost.

Experts from Sharp and our dealer partners can assess your environment with our free machine Intelligence call assistance system or with partner solutions like those from Papercut or RF IDeas to give you the real perspective on your costs, how to save via consolidation or updating your equipment or insight into what may be driving up your expenses.

Logo of MICAS appear in the middle of the screen following pictures of both the Papercut and RF IDeas technologies are shown side by side.

Synappx workspaces can also help improve efficiencies and reduce costs by collecting data from the IoT centers built into the Windows collaboration display from Sharp. Using those analytics, company leaders can make informed decisions to help provide the comfortable meeting spaces for more productive meetings.

The Windows collaboration screen’s IoT sensor is shown, then the camera zooms out and the screen is showcasing the analytics in the form of line and bar graphs. A short clip of a meeting taking place in a conference room with the Windows collaboration screen in the middle of the conference room.