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InfoComm 2022: Betsy Larson and John Sheehan of Sharp NEC Talk About Post Merger Life

Video Length - 05:16

Betsy Larson and John Sheehan of Sharp NEC talk about post merger life, team training, greater support of distribution and resellers and more. 

Video Transcription



Emily Dean (rAVe [PUBS]):

Hi everyone. Emily Dean here from Infocomm 2022. We're in Vegas. We're at a large Infocomm again and it feels great. I am on the Sharp NEC stand or booth, it seems like just a few months ago or a few weeks ago, it seems crazy that we're here again. But I'm on the Sharp NEC booth, I'm joined by Betsy Larson and John Sheehan. How are you guys doing?

Emily Dean, Betsy Larson, and John Sheehan stand in front of a Sharp/NEC large format display. She speaks into the mic and then holds it out toward Betsy Larson and John Sheehan.

Betsy Larson (Sharp NEC Display Solutions):

Great. Thanks for having us.


John Sheehan (Sharp NEC Display Solutions):

Very Good.


Emily Dean: Wonderful. So Betsy, you're part of the legacy NEC and John you're part of the legacy Sharp Brand. This is really the first coming out party for in the North America presence for Sharp NEC. We saw some of it at last year's Infocomm, but tell me a little bit about what the perception has been and the reception that you've received.

Betsy Larson and John Sheehan nod as Emily Dean speaks.

Betsy Larson: Oh sure. We brought the field sales organization together in our organization that touches our resellers and our end users and our integrators. So that's going very well. We've been working with introductions and the benefit really is that we have a lot more coverage for our partners now. We have smaller territories and you know, it's been interesting and a lot of fun and then also we're working on our global strategy and we saw a lot of folks at ISC so we also shared our sales strategy there as well.

Emily Dean holds out the mic.

Emily Dean: Wonderful. And John what about from the distribution side?


Emily Dean: Yeah and Betsy with just kind of overall sales, how has, has it been more of a personal touch for the resellers and customers you mentioned kind of smaller territories?


Betsy Larson: Yeah, yeah. And we have a lot of relationships and so the Sharp team had relationships and the NEC team had relationships. So bringing those together has been a great benefit and it's been a mix of different types of partners that we haven't worked with before on both sides. (Mic cuts out)

Emily Dean holds out the mic.

Emily Dean: You guys are one of, if not the only, manufacturer who has a complete line of display solutions from collaboration with legacy Sharp to projection, very strong in projection from NEC so how has the, you've had a little bit over a year and a half now. How is the synergy been between the two product lines?


John Sheehan: I think it's been great. So the team, it takes a while, the resellers all get it, the distributors all get it, they know the products we have. The team internally, a lot of training, a lot of updates, especially on the Sharp side we picked up some cinema products and DB LEDs products just, we just didn't carry. Projectors, another category. So the training that we've done probably up until this point has really helped. And if you're here and you're in this booth, you'll see that everybody has a full knowledge of the products and what we're offering and we're translating that down to our customers but it's a great offering. It's gonna be a good future.

Emily Dean holds out the mic.

Betsy Larson: And the products, you know, it's very complementary. So we've been focused on different verticals as well. So Sharp was very strong in education, so that's been great. And then corporate and enterprise on the NEC side. So we've blended that together as well with the entire product line.


Emily Dean: And then any updates from the end user side, how how has that been perceived?


Betsy Larson: It's been really good. We're actually starting to see partners or end users, I should say, ask for a mix of both brands. So when they need collaboration, it could be a Sharp product and then when they need DB LED or projection it would be NEC so we're starting to see that blend together. It's actually come together, you know, more seamlessly than we expected.

Emily Dean holds out the mic.

Emily Dean: That's great. That's great. Well again, congratulations on such a successful merger. What can we look forward to both from distribution and end user side for the end of 2022 looking into 2023? John, I'll start with you.


John Sheehan: I'll start with distribution. So really branding the company. I think there's still, you know, some perception out there. It's still Sharp. It's still Sharp NEC or NEC. We need to brand that, continue with that strong message. Every event we do is going to be together. We have a lot of things planned as we invest more in the market and at the end of the year you'll see a lot of events that were just really come together as one company. So that's probably our biggest message right now is doing that.

Emily Dean holds out the mic.

Betsy Larson: Yeah, I'd say on the end user side familiarize our customers with the different product lines and how they can benefit them from an application and solution standpoint.


Emily Dean: Well, Betsy, John thank you guys so much for joining me. It's been a pleasure speaking with you. And again, I'm Emily Dean here from Infocomm 2022. If you'd like to see all of our coverage, check us out on social @ravepubs or