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InfoComm 2022: Sharp/NEC Display Solutions Reveals the PN-L2B Series AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display

Video Length - 01:44

Sharp/NEC Display Solutions reveals the PN-L2B series AQUOS BOARD interactive display at InfoComm 2022.

Video Transcription



Steve Brauner (Senior Product Manager for Sharp NEC Display Systems):

Good morning. I'm Steve Brauner, Senior Product Manager for Sharp NEC displays here in the US and we're here with Sharp's brand new PN-L2B series. This model is available in three class sizes. 65 inch, 75 inch and 86 inch.

Steve Brauner stands in front of the PN-L2B series display. The Sharp/NEC logo and a blue brick wall are the background of the screen and in the foreground, there are Apps, Settings and Input selections. The time is also displayed on the top right.

As you can see here, it's a really beautiful user friendly display. A bunch of applications are right on the desktop, such as a whiteboard, Bytello Share, which lets you share two ways between the display and your laptop or handheld device you can share to an Android, you can share to iOS, you can share the Chrome OS. We have also a built-in web browser and file explorer.

Camera does a close up on the display. He motions to the App section and points to the Whiteboard app icon and then the Bytello Share app icon. He motions to the Web Browser icon on the right and then the File Explorer on the bottom left.

Additionally, if you need some help learning how to use this unit, we have the operation manual here embedded on the home screen.

He motions to the Settings section and points at the Operation Manual option.

We also have the five inputs right here on the front here. So it's really easy for you to switch inputs. You don't have to go hunting for a remote control.

He points at the Input section.

Finally, we have a brand new conferencing camera. This is optional, and it has an incredible 4K resolution.

Steve Brauner points at the top of the display where the camera is mounted.

Additionally, it has a four element microphone array, so you can be sure that it's going to pick up your conference whether you're on a Teams meeting or a Zoom meeting, wherever you happen to be, and it's going to have very clear audio and, of course, clear video wherever you are in the room. If you'd like to find out more information about these products, you can visit us on the web at

He clicks on the Camera picture in the Apps section. The screen shows a live feed of Steve standing in front of the display and other passersby.