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Inserting Images

This video reviews the multiple ways to insert images in Pen Software 3.0.

Video Transcription



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AQUOS BOARD: What’s New?: Inserting Images

Barbara Mikrut (Media Developer/Sales Trainer):

There are two different ways you can insert images in pen software 3.0. Let's take a look at our square menu here. If we go to our insert image icon, you'll see that I can insert an image from a file or insert a screen capture. Now let's start with insert an image from a file. I can go into My Documents. I have some demo files here, let's tap on samples and let's bring in one of our MFPs over here.


If I move this, you see that I can move this image across the screen. I can cut, copy, duplicate this image. Now I have two, I can delete, rotate either from here, rotate right. I can rotate left, 180 degrees or in custom input or I can change its order I can bring to front, send to back, bring forward or send backward. I can also trim my image which lets me crop this image so I can make it maybe less of a background there. Tap OK.

Mikrut drags the image of the MFP and clicks on the various options (Duplicate, Rotate, Order, Trimming) in the menu bar that appears under the image.

Or I can choose to rotate it right here. This little orange circle and rotate around, pivot around and make it upright. But let's delete it.

Mikrut drags the orange circle on the side of the image to rotate it.

Now another way that you can insert an image is from a screen capture. Let's open up a new page here. Tap on insert image and take a screen capture of this image that I had in the back of the screen. This is a graphic from one of our 4K TVs. If I take this selection, you see that I can send it to pen software, I can also save it to a file. But let's send it to pen software.

Mikrut taps “Insert Image” and “Screen Capture” in the square menu, then drags a selection box over the image to take the capture.

Again, I can cut, copy, duplicate, delete, rotate and trim this file, this image that is now in pen software. I can resize it either with my pen or my finger, could move it across the screen.

Mikrut drags the top left corner of the image to resize, and drags the whole image to move it.

If I cut it, it's now gone, right? I can go into my menu under all functions, find the paste button and there it is again.

Mikrut taps “Cut” on the image menu. Then “All Functions” and “Paste” in the square menu.

Now a use case scenario for inserting an image is with a blueprint. Let's open up a new page, insert an image from a file this time. I have some demo files again of a construction blueprint. If I tap on this here, I can leave this up on my screen and then use one of my pens to make some annotations up on the board. I can use my figure pen to draw a circle which is then perfected by pen software. As you can see, inserting images in Pen software 3.0 is easy


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